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Laurence Manning Baird

The Society was formed in 1983 to promote the Clan in Atlantic Canada and to encourage Baird's in the region to take pride in their heritage. Participation in Highland Games and other Scottish activities in the region is encouraged and the clan or family aspect of the activities is emphasized. The society is registered under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. The society has since disbanded for now.  
Baird's of Auchmedden


Early History

The Baird name in Scotland has two possible derivatives. It may have come from the word "bard" or as the surname of a Norman family that arrived in England with William the Conqueror in 1066. Old spellings of the name were Bard, Barde, Beard, Byrd, and Bayard. Only at the end of the 16th century did it become Baird. Reference also this article by Hamish L. Baird

During the period between the 11th and 18th century there were several significant families of Baird in various parts of Scotland. Probably the best known is Sir David Baird, Bart., KCB (1757 - 1829) hero of Seringapatam and later Commander of the British Army.

An interesting family from our point of view is that of Gilbert Baird of Auchmedden who married the heiress of Ordinhnivas in 1578 and had 32 sons and daughters. Three of their sons went to Ireland and in the genealogical chapter in Col. W.T. Baird's book "Seventy Years of New Brunswick Life", the author states that his father is descended from one of these sons.

New Brunswick

Col. Baird's father was probably the first Baird settler in New Brunswick He accepted a position as a school teacher in the 74th Regiment, quartered in Dublin, with the understanding that after 7 years of service in America he would receive 200 acres. The Regiment was stationed in Fredericton and in due course John Baird received his land. Others of his family also obtained land and they formed a community Bairdsville. From these families, are descended many of the Baird's in New Brunswick.

Photo by Dylan N. Baird

Photo by Dylan N Baird

Nova Scotia

The Baird families in the Truro area of Nova Scotia are also descended from immigrants from Ireland, although they may not be directly related. In 1762 the British Government wanted settlement in Nova Scotia and provided assistance to those who came. One of the families among a group of settlers from Ireland was Thomas Baird. Thomas was granted 740 acres of land in Londonderry Township, about 8 miles west of Truro. Other families can be found all over Nova Scotia but predominately in Pictou County, Cumberland County, Cape Breton and the urban area of Halifax.


In Newfoundland, Baird's have been active merchants and businessmen since the 1840's. James and David Baird came to Newfoundland from Saltcoats in Scotland and in 1853 formed a partnership, Baird Brothers. Later James Baird became a limited liability company. He was known as the "Hampden of Newfoundland" because of the actions he took against Sir Baldwin Walker who was trying to suppress Mr. Baird's lobster factories at St. George's Bay. He was appointed to the Legislative Council in 1908.

Other families of Baird's can be found in St. John's and other parts of the Province.

Prince Edward Island

There are Baird's in Prince Edward Island however we know little about their origin. 

Reunions: to McClure -Baird 2011 

Four wise Bairds Ian Manzer (Baird) - Caber Toss
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Caber Toss - Halifax July 1997Dylan N. Baird (12) - youth caber toss

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Highland Games:

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Clan Baird Tent at Halifax, July 5th, 1997  - (r) Melvin Baird

Clan tent in Fredericton, July 26th 1997

At the CLAN BAIRD tent, you will find Baird geneological information, small clan-related items for sale, interesting information on Clan Baird history and the opportunity to meet/contact other Baird's. A warm welcome awaits you at the Clan Baird tent. Bring your family tree, update it or help us update our lists - which we eventually hope to publish here on this site.
Ian Stewart -  Hammer throw - Fredericton Ian Manzer (Baird) - Hammer Throw - Halifax

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